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May 24, 2024

Ensure no comment goes unanswered on your LinkedIn posts with AI-generated replies. Improve audience engagement and increase post visibility with our LinkedIn comment management tool.

  • Improves audience engagement
  • Increases post visibility
  • Encourages further interactions


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Personalised LinkedIn invitations

May 22, 2024

Boost your LinkedIn network™ with AI-written personalized connection requests. Enhance cross-cultural communication and expand your professional network with our AI personalized connection requests.

  • Enhances cross-cultural communication
  • Expands your professional network
  • Encourages further interactions image (7)
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LinkedIn profile optimisation

May 20, 2024

Improve your LinkedIn™ profile with AI recommendations for optimization. Our AI LinkedIn profile optimization tool boosts visibility and attracts more professional opportunities.

  • Boosts profile visibility
  • Attracts more professional opportunities
  • Establishes your expertise and authority

image (8) image (6)

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User Engagement Metrics & Global Language Change Control

May 14, 2024

New Features: User Engagement Metrics: Introducing total and monthly usage statistics within the SmartEReply extension. Users can now track their activity and engagement levels, gaining insights into their interaction patterns on LinkedIn.

Global Language Change Control: Enhanced extension popup menu now includes global language change control. Users can effortlessly switch between supported languages, ensuring seamless communication with a diverse audience.


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One click quick replies

May 10, 2024

New Features:

Emotional Response Actions: LinkedIn users can now quickly generate comments or replies based on their emotional reactions to posts and comments.

  1. Agree: Automatically generate comments or replies expressing agreement with the content of posts or comments.
  2. Disagree: Generate responses indicating disagreement with the content presented.
  3. Support: Provide supportive comments or replies to show encouragement or solidarity.
  4. Funny: Generate light-hearted or humorous responses where appropriate.
  5. Idea: Offer constructive feedback or suggestions based on innovative ideas presented.
  6. Question: Pose questions to seek clarification or initiate further discussion. Enhanced User Interaction: Facilitates nuanced communication by allowing users to express a range of emotions effectively through generated responses.


Contextual Analysis: Enhanced AI capabilities for better understanding and context-aware response generation based on emotional cues.

User Interface Enhancements: Updated interface design to seamlessly integrate emotional response actions within LinkedIn’s comment and reply functionalities.

Performance Optimization: Continued optimization to ensure swift response generation while maintaining extension stability.


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Quick action button for LinkedIn comments

May 05, 2024

New Features: Quick Access Reply Icon: LinkedIn users can now generate replies effortlessly by clicking the SmartEReply quick access icon directly within the comment box.


Coming soon Quick replies buttons

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Added quick guide on LinkedIn page

May 03, 2024

New Features:

Quick Guide on Launch: Users now receive a prompt with a quick guide upon launching LinkedIn after installing SmartEReply. This guide introduces new features and provides instructions on how to use them effectively.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 4

Enhanced User Onboarding: Simplified onboarding process ensures users are swiftly acquainted with SmartEReply's functionalities, including purpose selection, tone customization, and multi-language support.

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SmartEReply for LinkedIn: Post Generation

May 01, 2024

Introducing SmartEReply, a groundbreaking browser extension designed to assist users in crafting personalized LinkedIn posts effortlessly. This innovative tool empowers users to generate tailored posts based on specified instructions, ensuring each message resonates effectively with its intended audience.

Key Features:

  • Customised Post Creation: Users can select the purpose of their post, whether it's networking, job-seeking, or industry updates.
  • Tone Selection: Tailor your message's tone to suit the occasion—whether professional, casual, or formal.
  • Multi-Language Support: Reach a global audience by composing posts in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and broader engagement.

How It Works: User-Friendly Interface: Easily accessible through a browser extension, SmartEReply integrates seamlessly into your LinkedIn profile.

Guided Composition: Follow step-by-step guide mentioned on welcome page

Benefits: Time Efficiency: Streamline the process of post creation without compromising on personalisation.

Enhanced Engagement: Craft posts that resonate deeply with your connections, fostering meaningful interactions.

Global Reach: Break language barriers and connect with diverse audiences worldwide.

Installation: Simply install the SmartEReply extension from your browser's extension store and elevate your LinkedIn presence today!

SmartEReply empowers users to communicate their ideas effectively, leveraging advanced AI to simplify the process of crafting impactful LinkedIn posts. Join the revolution in digital networking and enhance your professional outreach with SmartEReply.


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